Mind Wall Photographs

I'm a 20 year old Junior at CSUEB who enjoys traveling, taking pictures, and writing who wants to be a Family Therapist (aka Psych major) who will also be able to write awesome poems...and a variety of stuff!
But for now... I'll just stick to posting stuff I like. xD Because I'm trying so hard to be creative and funny at the same time...
I don't always put up my own stuff, but when I do, I put stuff up in spurts.
-Tetris, Hello Kitty, Star Wars, food (desserts, especially chocolate!), guitar, cross country, photography, awesome quotes, boots
-Mint green, turquoise, green, and light blues
-Alternative Rock, Classic Rock
+Snow Patrol, Death Cab for Cutie, Green Day, The Naked and Famous, Muse
-Taken since 9-25-10. :3
--Need an ear? Feel free to vent. Just message me. Will attempt to be as open-minded as possible.
-Currently taking a long break from writing a story. Hopefully that will one day be real-life famous.

-Will I follow you? Check out my FAQ.
-No infinite scrolling because it takes too long to load...
Click on one of those links below and enjoy! xD
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11-24-12: The edited original photo. Just the small stuff.

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